What is PAUSE?


PAUSE is a free group for people who are struggling with everyday stressful situations. It is aimed specifically at anyone who is feeling depressed, lonely, sad or struggling with low self-esteem that needs a friendly place to go.


PAUSE is primarily a monthly craft session with a range of activities…but it’s also an opportunity to just have a cuppa and a chat, or even just a place to sit without any pressure to talk or take part.


My name is Yvonne and I had the desire to set up PAUSE having had experience of being with people who have suffered with depression or were generally feeling low. I know that breaking the cycle of just staying indoors and not wanting to go out or mix with people (because of how you feel) is really beneficial, but it can be difficult. So I wanted to do something that people could look forward to and might make this step easier.


PAUSE runs for a couple of hours once a month but is designed as a drop in with freedom to come and go as you please within those two hours. There is no pressure to do anything, but just a friendly environment with people who will do craft, make tea, chat, listen or leave you alone….whatever you need.


PAUSE is held from 12.00 – 2.00pm @ The Honest Kitchen cafe in Marchwood village on the first Thursday of each month.


Please feel free to call in and see us, even just for a cuppa, as we would love to see you. Or get in touch on 07505 525721.