It may be that for you church is an unfamiliar place filled with practices and traditions that can seem curious, or even strange. If you have no church background and you happen to venture in we can’t guarantee that you’ll understand all that happens but we can guarantee you a very warm welcome. Sunday mornings for NFCC is a time when the people of God come together to worship Him and we make no apologies about the passion and enthusiasm with which we do this. We don’t want anyone who comes to feel uncomfortable and we will have times when things are done in a way that is more accessible and more easily understandable for you if you’re not used to church but we love to give honour and praise to our heavenly Father.

What will happen if you come….?

You’ll be greeted on the door and escorted into the hall where you’ll be offered coffee and given a place to sit with someone, unless you’d rather sit alone. Given that we meet in a very informal way it’s unlikely you’ll be alone for long as the hall is arranged in a way that encourages interaction and relationship building! The service will usually start with worship and singing before we have coffee and the children and young people leave to go to their groups. After this there’ll be a talk and maybe some discussion and more singing. It’s quite possible that during the morning there’ll be prophetic words (God wanting to say something to His people though someone), tongues (a language that God gives people to praise Him or talk to Him), people waving flags, lying down, kneeling, laughter or tears as God touches people’s lives. None of this is a surprise to us because we believe the living, loving God wants to communicate with people, have a relationship with them and change their lives….it may be a surprise to you.

Still interested?

Come along on a Sunday, send us an email orĀ give us a call…