We want to see growth: what do we mean by growth?

Growth is ever increasing authenticity in our worship to God; growth is increase in our passion to love one another; growth is increase in our fervour to make Christ known to the world.

Prayer is the powerhouse behind any growth in the church and NFCC expresses this in the following ways:

Prayer Diary

Every day at 18:00 hours we join in Spirit as a church and pray for 3 minutes. We recognise the value of corporate prayer but we understand the challenges of getting together face-to-face. By using the prayer diary we can stay united in prayer more easily. Each day we pray for something specific and we are seeing testimonies happening as a result. Click here to see the prayer diary.

Personal Prayer

There is no substitute for our own personal communication with Abba Father so all are encouraged in this.

Corporate Prayer

In conjunction with our prayer diary we have times of gathering together specifically to pray and intercede.  On the second Sunday monthly we meet in the evening to pray together in the Pine room.