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Tony Hodder

Oversight Team
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Tony Hodder is a long standing member of our Oversight Team.  He serves as our CAP Debt Centre Manager and is passionate about seeing people released from debt and poverty alongside sharing Jesus’ love and grace with all those he meets.

Dawn & Sean Cullen

Oversight Team
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The Cullens have a heart for God, for His people and for those that don’t know Him.

They have three grown children.  Sean is a computer geek, with a love of books and motorbikes, bacon butties and Guinness… Dawn loves their many animals, garden and crafting.

“We are passionate about reaching out to those around us in the community, (and wider), sharing God, food and fellowship together”

Brian Lomax

Oversight Team
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We welcome Brian to our Oversight Team.  Brian currently has also been serving as Chair to our Trustees Team.

Karen & Michael Ford

Worship Leaders
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Karen & Mike are passionate about worship in all its forms. They have been tasked with helping NFCC broaden the range and styles of worship used in order to promote inclusiveness and freedom of expression…


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Brian Lomax (Chair) , Sean Cullen,  Andres & Cristina Peratta, Sharon Mellings, David Norbury.